Finding integrated meaning in our lives


I’ve come to the realization that the only two things that really matter in life are love and harmony.  Everything else that is important to the happiness of the human organism is subsumed under these two ultimate principles.

This blog is going to explore exactly what I mean by these notions of love and harmony.  How they relate to the great spiritual traditions of Asia: Buddhism, Taoism and Yoga.  And how these in turn related to scientific findings in systems biology, complexity science and neuroscience.  And I’ll explore how love and harmony can be applied in real life, in an everyday context.  I’m going to write about how I came to this realization about love and harmony, and what it means to me personally.

For me, love and harmony are not just two abstract concepts.  They are the driving force of meaning and happiness in my life.  They are so fundamental to my sense of my life’s meaning that I’ve decided to devote my entire life to them.  The choices I make in my life, the practices I work on, the intentions I make for myself, are driven by my devotion to realize love and harmony to the greatest extent possible.

I feel very grateful for the realization that I came to.  It has already brought great peace and happiness within me, in spite of very difficult and painful things that have occurred in my personal life.  There are times in the past year that I’ve felt swept up in such waves of joy that I’ve felt truly blessed.  And along with that feeling has come a powerful desire to share some of my findings with others.  It seems unfair that I should have arrived at this place of happiness without doing what I can to communicate how I got there.

Which is what this blog is all about.

For more about me and my personal path to writing this blog, check out my introductory blog post: Putting It All Together.

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